Prayer Requests 
The prayer requests and needs of our church members, family and friends
will be added to this page.  If you have a  prayer need please contact the church office and Alecia will send it on to be posted.  
Please join us in prayer for….

Marie Bailey

Connie Baker

Ken/Monika Blackwell

Earl/Sue Bowman
Eugene/Carolynn Champlin
Alecia Dedear’s cousin, Diane
Doyle Denney
Houston/Sheila Ellis
Joey Ellis
Sharon/Dave Fularz, Marty’s Sister
Daniel Havins, Alecia’s Nephew
Karen Havins, Alecia’s Sister
Gertraud Freed, Dorothy Hess’ friend
Clint & Phyllis Griffin
Al Guzman
Weldon/Jo Biels Hartgrove
Al Guzman
Dorothy/Ed Hess
Cheryl/Steve Hoban
Jean Ellan Hodges
Ken & Billie Kelly
Elaine LaGrone
 Jolene Laning
Mickey/Pam Noyes


Chrysta & Josh Reed
Joey & Wyatt Sapien
John/Jane Schlater
Richard & Bobbi Schrodt
Raquel (Rocky)/Harold Smith
Rocky’s Mom
Mark & Sharon Weaver
Velma Weaver
Mark’s/Sharon’s son-in-law John (Alaska)
Kay Williams


Kim York

First Responders

Our Church & Church Family

Our Deacons

Sunday School & Teachers

Our Schools & Teachers

Our State

Our Country

Our President

U.S. Military